Hi! I’m Caitlin. I am wife to my best friend BJ, stay-at-home mama to my bouncing boy Worth, and the granddaughter of two southern belles.

I created bennebelle as a way to exercise my creative ability and connect with the outside world. In this space you’ll find great music, photography, design, style, beauty, food, decor, and DIY ideas. You’ll find marriage things, mama things, baby things, and girly things. I’ll do my best to deliver it all with heaping sides of dry humor and sarcasm.

I named bennebelle after my grandmothers – JoAnn Bennett Ida and Janet Janelle Calhoun. My Noni, JoAnn was the most giving person I have ever been blessed to know. She taught me, through her example, about selflessness, toughness, perseverance, and love. I miss her every single day. My Granny, Janelle, is a survivor. She continues to teach me about loyalty, patience, acceptance, and finding the simple joys in life.

I started writing here as a way to lift myself out of hard times, and what I’ve discovered is that I want to write here in order to uplift others. I founded the #notthemamawho project on instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest this January and I am so looking forward to seeing where it goes. If you’d like to know more check out this post.

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