Wild Wild {Mid}West Nursery | #notthemamawho

Well, hey there. ‘sbeen awhile! I really don’t have an excuse for being gone so long. Except that maybe I’ve been cooking a baby and I haven’t had the motivation to take pretty pitchas and/or write thangs. Oh, and I’ve been working! But more on that later. For the sake of warming back up (let’s be honest, I’m having this baby Thursday, so it will probably be months before I do this again…) I’ll keep it simple!

Let’s see, where to begin…

1. We’re having a baby girl! I’m so excited and terrified and surprised all at the same time. For some reason I always pictured a house full of boys for me. We even got a girl puppy because I was so sure I’d be grossly outnumbered when this baby arrives.

2. Like I said, this baby is coming on Thursday {cue excited squealing}. We decided to go the scheduled C-section route. After lots and lots of thought, research, conversations with my doctor, and memories of Worth’s little heart rate dropping with every contraction on the third day of my labor experience, we’ve determined it to be the best option for everyone.

3. If I’ve learned one thing in life, like, at all, it’s that whatever your plan is will NOT be what actually happens. Baby girl has been trying to trick us into thinking she’s coming early, a little dilation here, a few contractions there… And the moment I accepted that she would be coming early and NOT following our plan, all of that stopped. Haha. Whichever happens, I’m so excited to meet her. And also to see what color her hair will be. It’s the final countdown!

No matter what, her room is ready and waiting! When Worth was born, we were in a one-bedroom apartment. I had a corner to decorate. Just a crib and a little shelf. This was quite a different story. A whole room! It was the most fun I’ve ever had decorating. Except when I was drawing all those $%&^+ing lines. That wasn’t fun for anyone.

Beautiful Nursery for Baby girl in Kansas CityNursery, Baby Girl, Wild WestBeautiful Nursery for Baby girl in Kansas CityBeautiful Nursery for Baby girl in Kansas CityBeautiful Nursery for Baby girl in Kansas CityBeautiful Nursery for Baby girl in Kansas City Beautiful Nursery for Baby girl in Kansas CityBeautiful Nursery for Baby girl in Kansas City Beautiful Nursery for Baby girl in Kansas CityBeautiful Nursery for Baby girl in Kansas CityBeautiful Nursery for Baby girl in Kansas CityMy inspiration came from several different places – I had the old books and the brass stirrup inserts from my grandparents’ house, and the gold rocker was also theirs. I always loved horses growing up, and I kind of hope she does too! What 8 year old girl of my generation didn’t love watching “Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken”? (I know someday she’ll watch it and be all, yeahokaymomyou’resoooooweirdwhyisthehorsedivingofftowersthatsjuststupid). The Ashworth family crest has foxes in it – so how could I resist the pillow and blanket in the crib? The record table came from BJ’s grandparents recently-sold home, it makes the perfect storage space for burp cloths and swaddlers! And if you know me at all, you know I love arrows, moccs, and anything to do with Kansas.

And in case you’re wondering, yes, I realize the red frame is empty, haha.

Wall tutorial:  Vintage Revivals Fox pillow: Gingiber Fox Blanket: Dwell Studio Moccasins: Freshly Picked Arrows: Mineral and Matter Boppy Cover: IvieBaby Vases/Clock/Frame/Rug/Lampshade/Crib/ChangingTable: Target Bison/Kansas Prints: Hammerpress (shout out local KC shops!)


14 thoughts on “Wild Wild {Mid}West Nursery | #notthemamawho

    1. Thank you so much! We bought the crib when our son was born, after searching Target’s site it looks like they have discontinued it. It was made by Dwell Studio though, maybe they make a similar item! Sorry about that, I hope you find what you’re looking for!

    1. They are old stirrup insert prototypes my grandfather made. We found them in his garage when he passed away a few years ago and I’ve been trying to find a purpose for them ever since!

    1. They are Jellycat! They’re my favorite stuffed animals because they are so soft (and cute!) and can be thrown in the wash if need be. I usually find them at Papersource but have seen them several other places – usually boutiques! They make a variety of sizes and animals, I hope they have what you’re looking for!

    1. Corinna, Colett, I apologize so much for the delay in response! I ordered the letters individually from a website called craftcuts and spelled out the message I want. They are wood, and they weren’t particularly cheap – might I suggest Target as a better option – they have recently begun carrying a line of wooden craft supplies that are just great! Happy hunting.

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