First Aid Kit – Cross Oceans | #notthemamawho

It feels like I am
Waiting for the rain
I want to live that life again
I want to live that life again

Or an endless secret
Parade of change
I want to cross oceans
I want to cross oceans

A few weeks ago, Worthie and I took off with Janny Bob (GBop) for some sandy beaches. It was the perfect get away during that last awful week of winter, and these pictures are making me feel better on this dreary, dreary day. We had a full week of relaxation and sunshine, and it was simply lovely.

Worth wasn’t too keen on the waves, I think his dad and I probably traumatized him as a baby by dipping his feet in the freezing cold pacific on Rodeo beach before we left San Francisco, haha. While playing in the sand he would suddenly yell out “see ya!” and take off running for the stairs to the house. After a few occurrences of this, we figured out it was timed with any particularly large waves breaking on the shore. He did, however, love the wayward cow who had been separated from her herd. I think we followed her for a mile. She was not too keen on us!

Sometimes it’s hard to believe this place is real. The memories there are pure joy, moments frozen in a frame like grains of sand in a photograph. The rest of the world melts away and we dissolve into an isolated bliss made up of fresh avocados and salt in the air {and possibly lack of reliable internet connection.}

IMG_9362beach, toddler, swim zip, shark attack, shark tank, cow, mexico IMG_9328 IMG_9333 IMG_9338 IMG_9347IMG_9386 IMG_9403 IMG_9406 IMG_9410 IMG_9412Just look at the glee on that face!

On the days that he wasn’t in the nude, Worth loved wearing his SwimZip swimsuits. (This is not a sponsored post, I don’t do those!) We are lucky enough to personally know Betsy and Andy of SwimZip and Shark Tank fame, and we seriously LOVE the suits, and the people :)! Go get some for your kids, or yourSELVES, they seriously rock.

Download the song here.

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