Marvelous Things – Eisley | Style

Morning light shall burst bright

And keep us here safely

Oh… lying in the sun

Every day feeling all of the magic in life

You might find the wonder…..

I have been hoping to add a style portion to my blog for some time, however, a number of factors {mostly Worth and that whole photo awkwardness thing} have prevented that from happening… until now!

A while back I introduced my sister-in-law, Emily. She is the best aunt, sister and friend any of us could ask for. We are almost always on the same page before we even know it. She has been training me to be a real live girl for years now {it has been quite a process} and she would be proud to know I can paint my nails all by myself {ish…} now. Every time we go anywhere, people stop her and ask about her outfit, her hair, her bag, her nails…

So now, {drum roll please} I am excited to announce that she, her cutey dog, Dexter, and her amazing husband, Christian (as photographer) will be our official style contributors! {Dexter has fairly classic style, although he does mix black and brown…}

Emily’s killer fashion sense and professional opinions as a stylist will be popping up every so often in the form of style posts and lists of her favorite products and items. I am so very grateful she’s going to be a part of bennebelle!

You can also follow her on Instagram as @emdallest and on Pinterest. If you live in the St. Louis area you’re really in luck. You can schedule a cut and/or color appointment {she did my rad ombre} and go see her at Studio 703‘s Manchester location. Check her out!



Shoes:  Zappos, Pants: AE, Top: {old} similar at Gap, Sunglasses: Rayban Lipstick: Stila – Beso

You can download the song here.

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