Start of Time – Gabrielle Aplin | Photography

Oh today I’m just a drop of water
And I’m running down a mountainside
Come tomorrow I’ll be in the ocean
I’ll be rising with the morning tide…

So I’ve been blowin’ up ya Facebook feeds lately. Sorry ’bout that.

There are exciting things are happening in my life, things I literally used to daydream about.

My dad always said, “find something you’d do for free, and get somebody to pay you for it.” Remember this post? Where I got to love on little babes and play assistant to my best friend? Well somebody pinch me, because Tara of Tara Miesner Photography  has so graciously offered to pay me to do it on a regular basis.

I’m still pinching myself when I think about it – my best friend is going to pay me to play with little tiny babies and then look at pictures of them while I geek out over getting to write, organize, and do a little accounting on the side… If you could figure out a way to throw ponies into the mix, I could never ever EVER ask for more!

We got together at the studio the other day to shoot some “professional” photos for her website. I say “professional” because posed photos are the most awkward thing for me… I’m REAL bad at them.

Case in point…


Also this… What’s that you say? It’s my profile picture? Yes, I know, and I mostly love it. It’s just that left hand… what was I doing?

*update- Upon further review, my right hand is also awkward. I vaguely remember making a comment that I felt like I should line dance… Must be a latent impulse from all those lessons in middle school gym class. Thanks, Mrs. Gilmore.


Never fear, friends. Tara is a genius and got a really great shot that we both loved! Magic.


This was my favorite of the day, I find that my favorite smiles occur when I’m hugging someone I love. And also when a delightful six-year-old is taking her job as photographer very seriously. But damn, I should have painted my nails.


All jokes aside, I don’t even have words to describe how excited and grateful I am.

Oh, and go schedule your sessions. It’ll be worth it, I promise!

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