Winter Song – The Head and the Heart

Tell me somethin’, give me hope for the night

We don’t know how we feel

We’re just prayin’ that we’re doin’ this right

Though that’s not the way it seems

I’m not the mama who looks put together all {most/any} of the time. 

I’m not the mama with floors you could eat off of {even though sometimes we do}.

I’m not the mama who cries on the first day of school. 

I’m not the mama who misses having a tiny helpless baby. 

I’m not the mama who looks back very often.

I am the mama who keeps trying. The one who looks around and ahead. 

I am the mama who spends {almost} every single day with my boy. 

I am the mama who lets my {attempted} style shoot turn into playtime. 

I’m not the mama who starts her New Year’s Resolution on January 1st. 

But I am the one who’s starting it now. 

I spent a lot of time thinking about what I wanted to resolve for 2014. I obviously want to get in better shape, be more organized, get better at waking up without {wanting to} murdering anyone… blah blah blah. You’re bored already. No, this year I wanted to dedicate myself to something that brought me joy instead of restriction, while still making me better. I’ve been so inspired over the past several months by mamas like Mary Beth of Annapolis and Co and her photography in #theeverydayproject. What a lovely way to bring people together and build each other up! 

So, {getting to the point, I promise} my new year’s dedication is to the #notthemamawho project on instagram. It’s a place to post my thoughts, fears, joys, accomplishments, and everything else motherhood means, and to share beautiful {or horrifying} photos. 

I hope you’ll think about joining me, whether you have kids, want kids, or don’t want kids, everybody has {had} a mama… consider posting! The only requirement is honesty, and it’s simple to participate – just use the hashtag #notthemamawho on your instagram and Facebook posts. I hope it will be a place where we find empathy and support. I’m so excited to begin!

Download the song here.


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