Firecracker – Ryan Adams

Well, everybody wants to go forever

I just wanna burn up hard and bright

I just wanna be your firecracker…

BJ turned 30 last week. We celebrated. A lot. {Set an impossible standard for him to live up to on MY 30th!} 

Ahem. First, we had a party. 

Obviously, I blocked out my phone number on the large likelihood that my blog goes viral and I get super-famous overnight. I’m a very practical person. 

I’m a bit of a theme-whore. Pinterest has not done good things for my hostessing-related OCD. 

But if you’re a party guest of mine, it has done good things for you. Unless, of course, you’re my husband and these giant images of you were plastered everywhere: 

Is that remote irritating {driving batsh*t crazy} anyone else?

You’ll have to forgive me, a recent trip to Mexico has turned me into Yoda. English is not currently my first language, due to the thinking of how to be saying the things in Spanish. 

Like I said, lots with the celebrating. More on that later. 

Sidenote: I’m getting soooo much better with photoshop, don’t you think? Ha.

All the best people were there, {except those of you who weren’t} our whole family (who were a HUGE help! Thank you ALL!), lots of coworkers/friends, and even little Matty! He and BJ have been best friends since high school and hadn’t seen each other in 3.5 years. 

Sidenote II: He’s the genius {balls out amazing artist} behind Rogue Crow and I can’t wait for him to make it big so I can say I know him and stuff. Check him out here.

 Also, I suck at getting pictures of people together so here is a very complicated {definitely wrong} math equation to make me feel better about sucking at getting pictures of people together:

(Emily + Matt) + (Sarah + Dahl + Emily + Christian) + (Sarah + BJ + Me x Lorax mustache on my eyebrows?) = Matt & BJ forever!

Three conclusions – 1. Sarah had the best {most terrifying} mustache by far. 2. The fact that I used “math” to make myself feel better empirically proves that I need more social occasions such as this. 3. The look on my face empirically proves that I needed less wine than I had had at this point in the evening…

It was a wonderful night and lots of fun was had. You should have been there. 

And finally, Sarah for the win. What a babe.

You can download the song here.

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