Salvation Song – The Avett Brothers

We came for salvation 
We came for family 
We came for all that’s good that’s how we’ll walk away 
We came to break the bad 
We came to cheer the sad 
We came to leave behind the world a better way…

 This is Joe. 

He’s my brother. 

Worth adores him, his observational humor splits my sides on a daily basis, he’s well on his way to hangin’ out with Tiger and Phil, he’s got the patience of Mother Theresa, he’ll watch any movie and give it a rave review {27 Dresses; The Babysitter}, and bring you bagels or Chick-fil-A anytime you like. 

My brother turned 25 last week {6 weeks ago}. It’s hard to believe he’s {I’m} so old now. 

We celebrated this guy by eating at this place:

With these people:



We admired {were weirded out by} this art: 

We ate some of these:

Only very slightly more cooked for most of us, except that Hartert kid…)

We also ate some beyond delicious mac & cheese. You should try it. Seriously. 

By the time it came to the table I had been given this look about my incessant photography:

Sooooo, that’s it.  Love ya bud.

Download the song here.


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