Breezeblocks – Alt-J

“Muscle to muscle and toe to toe

The fear has gripped me but here I go

My heart sinks as I jump up

Your hand grips hand as my eyes shut…”

I need to take a {lot of} minute{s} today to be grateful for this man. 


 We’ve been butting heads a lot lately, kids do their darndest to divide and conquer, (seriously, whoever came up with sleep-deprivation as a torture technique most definitely had children) but I am the luckiest. 

photo credit – Tara Miesner Photography – 

We’ve been through so much together in the past few years. The big things don’t even faze us as a pair. Major illness, death of loved ones, near death birth experience, surgery on our tiny mister… we’re solid all the way. 


 It’s the little, inane crap that gets us. 

As I was refilling my sun-tea jar this morning, after a pointless argument about who hadn’t put the dishes away when they said they would, I remembered where that jar came from. 

I inherited my first sun-tea jar from my Noni and it was incredibly special to me. So what did I do, of course, but drop and smash it to smithereens. I don’t remember the specifics, but I was having one of those no-good-very-bad California days (of which there were many) so I’m sure there were grossly excessive amounts of tears. 

A few days later a brand new vintage sun-tea jar showed up in the mail. 


 A little later, Worth and I took Finny out. I was reminded that Finny can now roam freely in our yard because of the awesome fence BJ built. Like with his bare hands {power tools}. My man can build shit. With his bare hands {power tools}.


Just now, as I was leaving Worth’s room after putting him down for his nap, I saw this sweet note in our chalkboard room.

I mean, you guys! Spoiled rotten is what I am.

thank YOU for all that you do. i love you.

Dirty kitchens don’t matter. These two do. I love you, babe.

Download the song here.

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