All This Beauty – The Weepies

“All this beauty…

You might have to close your eyes…”

 You guys. Summer is here. Long days of lazing around in the humidity {air-conditioning}, swimming {sitting} in our rad new elephant pool, and catching some rays. 


 In case you’re wondering, yes that is a Westie fertilizing our yard. Thanks, Finny. 

Life here in the heartland has been positively dreamy. The house Our home is really coming together (see below), we get to see family and old friends ALL the time, and Worth and I are really hitting our stride. It’s so hard to believe he is one. One! More on that later… 

panorama of worth’s [almost] complete room

I feel more content and settled than ever before. All the colorful blooms and the electric green around us seem to echo my sentiment. Everything looks and smells as fresh as spring, and it’s mid-July! 

bunny watchin’

How are y’all spending these beautiful days? 

Download the song here.

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