Bixby Canyon Bridge – Death Cab for Cutie

All the way from San Francisco, as I chased the end of your road. ‘Cause I’ve still got miles to go,  to go…..

San Francisco was such an important time in the life of our family. Our wedding, Worth’s birth, some of our best friendships all occurred there. Our young marriage was forged in steel as one blow after another came upon us and we only had each other to rely on. (Yes, I realize I’m dangling my prepositions. Sounded better that way. Deal.) But we managed to laugh and love and dance, more often than not. 

On our 8-day roadtrip home from California we actually drove across the Bixby Canyon Bridge. It was a truly awesome place. It was eerie and sad and beautiful, a very fitting farewell to Norcal.

Now that we’re home in Kansas, (well, technically Missouri, for the moment) seemingly at the end of our road, I’m reflecting on all that has passed. We’ve come so far, and yet we still have so far to go. We are growing, changing. All of us. Each of us. Some days I love what we’re becoming, and others I fight tooth and nail against it.

Kansas’ weather seems to be in step with my battle. So far in the past week we’ve had: mountains of snow, mild and 65 degrees, humid and 82 degrees, snow again, aaaaand a current temp of 35 and freezing rain. Neat! Ha, I shouldn’t complain, I knew what we were coming back to. (Make a comment about the prepositions and I’ll… stick my tongue out at you… or… something.) 

One thing remains true on both fronts – I enjoy unpredictability, but I’m ready for everything to bloom.

Download the song here. 

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